IT organizations are constantly challenged to deploy new applications to drive user productivity and gain competitive advantage. There is a direct correlation between the application environment and the network solutions required. Network architectures often need to be transformed to meet new business requirements.

The Graffiti Consulting Inc. approach allows businesses to use the network to gain significant benefits for diverse sets of applications and infrastructure architectures. By leveraging the network as a platform approach, we can empower our customers to rapidly roll out new applications and services across their organizations, allowing them to maintain business competitiveness. Graffiti Consulting Inc. understands the challenges that enterprises face when delivering applications across corporate wide-area networks (WANs).

The WAN is the connective fabric that holds a distributed organization together. Because the WAN has bandwidth restrictions and latency issues, however, application performance suffers without WAN and application optimization. With optimization, IT organizations can substantially improve application delivery to ensure secure, cost effective, and acceptable application performance to meet business needs.

As an enterprise, you want your systems running—doing what they’re designed to do, with no headaches. But should something go wrong, you want help now! Graffiti Consulting Inc. is staffed day and night throughout the year with people assigned directly to your account, we are committed to quickly resolving issues and seeing that you’re satisfied every time you call for help. We are here for your business needs. Our job is to answer questions, listen to your concerns, solve problems, and work with you as colleagues to see that you get the most from your technology investment.

Our Solution Center professionals are empowered to take any action necessary to quickly resolve support issues involving:

  • Application Functionality and Performance
  • Networking
  • Hardware
  • Security
  • Account Management

The Solution Center’s day-to-day support services include:

  • Help-desk support for power-users and end-users
  • Change management so system changes are fully approved and documented including scope, purpose, devices involved, steps, and back-out procedures
  • Capacity management and planning
  • Functional and technical troubleshooting
  • Diagnostic services