Applying technology resources without structure or methods will usually result in exceeded budgets, personnel strains, and compromised quality. Graffiti Consulting Inc. uses proven services, deep business and technology skills and key alliances to help clients leverage next generation networks to achieve high performance. We have the experience, assets, wisdom and proven offerings to mitigate the risks associated with the roll out journey.

Senior Level Engineering Services – Our certified network and system engineers can supply you with systems analysis, directory services design, application deployments, and enterprise-wide implementation expertise. Our project managers can help you with the day-to-day management of enterprise migrations and technology deployments, coordinate schedules, and oversee vendor/resource management.

Our transformation program is developed around industry leading technology research, global network expertise and a world-class portfolio of solutions to address your demands while optimizing investment and lowering costs. With this approach, Graffiti Consulting Inc. leverages its experience and capabilities in providing a clearly defined migration path to an intelligent, service-aware, all-IP network that enables you to:

  • Future proof for availability, expandability, scalability
  • Enhance QoS
  • Reduce operational cost and complexity
  • Efficiently transition legacy platforms
  • Improve network quality and service delivery architecture

End-to-end Program Methodology and Tools

Using end-to-end program methodology and tools, standardized architecture and proof-of-concept testing/lab integration, Graffiti Consulting Inc. ensures that our customers have predictable results when transformation their networks., We closely works with you to ensure predictable results in transforming your network to meet business priorities and achieve success.


Real-time applications, such as Voice over Internet Protocol (VOIP) and interactive video, have strict requirements on transport delay, jitter, packet loss and bandwidth availability. Therefore, it is essential to prioritize different traffic types to minimize congestion risk in the end-to-end service path in order to deliver high quality voice or video, as well as provide preferential treatment to business-critical applications.

Graffiti Consulting Inc. offers a broad range of capabilities, from top-level IT consulting to bottom line project implementation for today’s key technologies Using a proven methodology to rapidly identify and match mission-critical business needs and the package (s) most appropriate for the enterprise. The use of a balanced scorecard ensures a robust evaluation of package alternatives. The final decision is supported by a case-for-action that identifies the related benefits of the solution.

Graffiti Consulting Inc. Support Services portfolio provides the convenience of a single point of contact for the support of multi-vendor networks with the flexibility and choices in maintenance plans tied to Service Level Agreements (SLAs). You get the support services and priority you need depending on criticality to your business.
We cater to small and large businesses, offering complete solutions.
Allowing you to concentrate on your business operations, rather than dealing with network outages, server down time, desktop configurations, etc.