Supporting your network application requires more than the technology. It takes the experience, talent, hard work, and dedication. At Graffiti, we blend rich tradition with some of the world’s most advanced technology, we use the capabilities of the entire corporation to support our customers in ways no other company can.

Too many businesses deploy new applications without completely understanding how the applications will work in a complex, distributed network. Many business applications are developed without considering requirements relevant to performance in a real network (for example, WAN latency and limited bandwidth). As end-users increasingly demand a more sophisticated communications experience tailored to meet their unique needs, putting them at center stage is what it will take to successfully compete.

With Graffiti Consulting Inc.’s user-centric applications and solutions, you will be uniquely positioned to deliver an enriched communications experience to consumers and enterprises — anytime, anywhere, and on any device. Our solution covers most application architectures, which are designed for use over the LAN , which provides efficient performance across corporate WANs. Proper support for your application is very important to us. We know that protocols are sometimes challenging, some are “chatty.”

Example Application Issues

An especially bad variant of “chatty” occurs when applications break messages into small data blocks. The application works in a serial manner: an acknowledgement is required for each data block before the next one can be sent. This can require many round trips to send just one message, causing significant application delay. Much of the delay comes from time on the wire. In this example, latency degrades application performance and limits application throughput. Adding bandwidth does not solve such performance issues. Many web based applications have latency issues. In fact, these applications show increasing response times the further they are deployed from the data center.

With Graffiti Consulting Inc. support your application services, you gain the visibility to pinpoint inefficiencies – and the capabilities to transform them into competitive advantage. The foresight to identify new opportunities – and the agility to respond. The functionality to optimize your operations – and resources to extend best practices to your entire value chain.

Although many applications can be altered to accommodate latency and bandwidth restrictions, modifying applications is not always viable. For example, shrink-wrapped applications usually cannot be modified. In such cases, a solution outside the applications is needed. Deploying optimization and application acceleration tools in the network addresses latency and performance problems, but do not require any changes to the applications. To design a truly user-centric experience, there’s no better place to start than with users themselves—or, perhaps, with virtual humans envisioning communications applications for the users of tomorrow. – Graffiti Consulting Inc.